We have no patience for Animal Cruelty here at Neighbor Shame. Our friends over at White Trash Repairs tipped us off on this scummy low-life neighbor. Andrea (the white trash bitch shown in the picture above) will be getting a personalized and colorful Shame Notice in the mail from yours truly. Here’s her story:

He may be man’s best friend. But officials say Andrea Curiel, 29, of Boynton Beach treated her dog like her worst enemy. About two weeks ago, authorities went to Heron Pointe Apartments, 10026 Boynton Place Circle in Boynton Beach, after getting a tip about a caged dog on a third floor balcony, with its mouth taped shut with duct-tape.

“He was in a crate with duct-tape wrapped around his mouth, and wrapped behind his head to prevent him from clawin’ it off. Luckily somebody saw this, because this is a horrible situation for a dog.

This person was in the right spot at the right time,” said Capt. David Walesky, Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control spokesman. “I just can’t believe that people could actually do that to animals. That’s like your child, you know,” said Robin Erwin, a neighbor.  The dog, a male pit-bull, is now recovering at  Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and will soon be put up for adoption.



  • http://whitetrashrepairs.com/ Debbie Suftko

    Love it! Yes we were proud in shaming her. The media wouldn’t post her name so we searched the Palm Beach County Sheriff Dept. Booking Blotter and we found her so we proudly have been letting the world know who this piece of trash is.

    • CLint


    • Jack

      Excellent work Debbie. I hope she gets some good jail time.

    • jack

      Debbie, can you get this over to the smoking gun ?

      • http://whitetrashrepairs.com/ Debbie Suftko


    • Jackie Hay

      Debbie. Seeing that this pc. of filth is now out on Bond, I will assume a trial date will be forthcoming. Any idea when that might be so a few friends can at leas show non violent support for the Pupper involved on the day of the actual hearing. You can answer here and I will check back or leave me a PM on Facebook…I will watch for your reply – Thanks Jackie Hay

      • http://whitetrashrepairs.com/ Debbie Suftko

        Jackie if you search “Friends of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control” you will see that he is up for adoption now. As for the hearing no clue when it will happen but I along with others will be watching. Here is a better photo of the pupper

  • LadyCrow1313

    I’m just glad the dog was able to be saved in time. Animal abuse is unforgiveable.

  • Guest

    I hope someone tapes her stupid mouth shit and she starves to death, then they revive her and beat the shit out of her and make her eat it. Then I hope things get REALLY ugly for her!

  • Dad

    I want my urine to be that bitch’s only source of drinking water. Anyone who would do that to a dog is pure scum.

  • David

    Lost my furry pal on Tuesday to cancer. To see this pos treating a dog like this just pisses me off

  • Justme

    What a stupid bitch. If you cannot properly take care of an animal then don’t get one in the first place.

  • ghostfan71

    Thanks to you and White Trash Repairs, this Pit Bull was saved from the cruelty of this bitch. I know that Neighbor Shame and White Trash Repairs are comedy websites, but when the how this poor dog was going through came to light, these two websites came to the rescue. I think that this bitch should have her mouth duct taped shut.

    Debbie, you and the person who runs the White Trash Repairs website should get a medal for saving this dog from a certain death. What has to happen is that if someone is arrested for cruelty to animals, their mugshot should be sent to breeders and pet stores. Then if the person who was arrested for cruelty to animals tries to adopt an animal, the breeder can see the mugshot of the person and call the police.

    I have a cat named Tigger who my wife and I love very much. No matter how angry I would get at Tigger for let’s say scooching her bum on the rug, I could never do anything to hurt Tigger. What has to happen is that the laws regarding animal abuse has to be changed.

    I think that if somebody is charged and convicted of animal abuse or killing an animal should serve some serious jail time. Right now the laws regarding animal abuse is a joke. All that happens for someone charged for animal abuse is they get a slap on the wrist. I’m sorry for the long winded rant about animal welfare, but animal abuse gets my blood boiling.

  • Don Johnson’s Illegit Nephew

    She looks mixed. Pretty sure she’s of a mixed race. That’s what happens with mixed-race people, some are registered as “Caucasian”, some as “African American”, most of the times they aren’t registered simply as ‘mixed’. But race isn’t a factor. She’s just a scumbag and a damn hideous one at that. Worthless trash…

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