“Just got off work and got home into a dead sleep and the new neighbor pounds on my door, demanding that I move my vehicle so they can pull their 14″ u-haul and move in…..the woman that pounded was super rude to say the least. This is the letter that I left them under the windshield wiper of the u-hail truck. I DID NOT DAMAGE THE TRUCK OR AM I RECOMMENDING SOMEONE ELSE DO SO TO ANYONE.”

  • awhiteguy

    well done sir, well done indeed.

  • KJM

    mean and stupid usually go hand in hand

  • MikeW08

    Hazadros? After using the term ‘medial’ and two words earlier spelling ‘interaction’ correctly, you lost a little thunder there Jack.

  • Sally

    Can anyone in this country spell?

  • daisy dorset

    A 14″ U-Haul. One of those little ones? Seriously, whoever wrote this needs to go back to school and shouldn’t be in the business of “saving lives”.

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