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A neighbor sophisticated enough to paint ‘WATCH UR BACK’ on a rusty truck is one we certainly wouldn’t want to live next to. If anybody can figure out what’s written on the front window above the ‘Private Property’ sign, we’ll send¬†you a free t-shirt!

- Milton, New Hampshire


  • Lady Anne

    Can you spell P-A-R-A-N-I-O-A?

  • Not Me

    Hey Lady Anne… YOU CAN’T SPELL paranoia!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    The writing on the window says “I voted for Obama”.

  • PeopleMakeMeSick

    Uh Not Me…really though it doesn’t.

  • OMGurhouseUGLY

    (Something) backs/fucks u die. Maybe trespas u die. The “u die” is next to the private property sign but whatever.. What I really wanna know is what do his bumper stickers say??

  • nicole

    I think the window says “dumb ass mother f*cker”

    • Pay Back

      You were close…

  • Pay Back

    I’ll go outside tomorrow and see what I wrote its been so long I don’t remember . So since I’m the only person who could really tell you what it says do I win the tshirt , and if I do the real question is do you have the BALLS to deliver it to me.!!!!!!!

  • Pay Back

    I like the video to I notice u didn’t stop next time stop get out of ur car that way u can get a better video maybe if ur lucky u can even get a good picture of me fu*kin up ur day.!!!!! I probably have chipmunks on my property that can kick ur a$$ .!!!!

  • Pay Back

    I sent this sight a gmail to let them know what it says on the window I also moved the private property sign incase they want to come by and check. I will give them some time to send me the tshirt and i’ll let you know if thay keep there word. Fyi. it says PAYBACKS A MOTHERFU*KER.

  • Pay Back

    The utube video u took while u road by my house I noticed u took it from the drivers seat which means u were driving while taping. I’m not sure if that’s legal but I’m sure my neighbors will not be to impressed to find out u were driving through our neighborhood that there children play in not paying attention .

    • neighborshame

      #1 The video was taken with a GoPro which is hands free!

      #2 Your neighbors can decide for themselves because we sent them all the same Shame Notice that you received!

      #3 What’s your t-shirt size? You’re the winner!

      • Pay Back

        I know my neighbor across the street was pissed off and gave me ur letter if u had come by before winter near the front of the motorhome is a 8 ft pole that a toilet sits on. My neighbor across the street loves that truck and the message on that truck was directed towards one person . As far as my neighbors go I only have 1 neighbor who has lived here longer than me , so everyone bought there house after seeing mine .That rusted truck was going to the junkyard last year but I have had heath issues . They might not like that truck now but there were many storms back a few years that the town couldn’t keep up with and I made a couple of passes around the block so my neighbors could get home after work. This year I am junking that truck and cleaning up my yard as my health will permit, but I am doing so because I want to not because of this site or anyone else . I will look for a picture of the toilet on a stick and post it to your sight. My size is 3 XT thank you its been entertaining ….LIVE FREE OR DIE. !!!!!

      • Pay Back

        Where do u mount the gopro camera ?

        • Martina Finley

          3XT. Who woulda thunk?

          • Pay Back

            Picking on my size that’s funny coming from a woman with a smelly crotch.

          • Martina Finley

            I’ll let you lick it clean instead.

          • Pay Back

            Come on by i’ll pass but my dog might and if he likes you maybe he’ll throw a fuck in you a skank like you probably could use one. Another loudmouth maybe you should hook up with Steven Brown he seems like your type.

      • will3310

        the camera sure wobbles and pans around a lot for a gopro that is hands free.

      • quiet observer

        after looking at the video, how shaky it is and how it pans around, I’m pretty sure you don’t understand the definition of hands free.

    • Steven Brown

      When they read your posts, they’ll certainly not be impressed with your command of the English language. If you wanted to look even more like an ignorant hillbilly, mission accomplished……

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  • Pay Back

    Another disqus rambo years ago we faced people now we hide behind our computers. The address is 71 sleeping drive milton nh stop by and then you will get my respect ,other than that you’re just another loudmouth with no balls.

  • Del

    Woohoo!! Don’t EVER hide this is NH bitch LIVE FREE OR DIE I don’t care how sHitty this truck looks at least they have the balls to say sHit they believe in I would hate to be the people that “pay back” doesn’t like!! Who care what’s on his/her property it’s HIS/HERS own property. Freedom of speech. GO NEW HAMPSHIRE!!!

    • Pay Back

      That’s the same way I feel , I got out of mass 25 yrs ago to get away from people that want to run other peoples lives . PAYBACK is my license plate so if steven sees that plate feel free to pull me over and express your opinion face to face.. But I don’t think that will happen…

  • Pay Back

    I haven’t received my tshirt yet.

  • tum tum

    how much for the ramcharger??

    • Pay Back

      Get ahold of me at payback1939@gmail.com if your interested in the ramcharger

    • Pay Back

      Its fifteen hundred or b.o. I had to write it out this way because they moderated it .

  • Pay Back

    I’m still waiting for my tshirt unless your word don’t mean shit. Its been over two months since you promised me the shirt.

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