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“This is from my lovely neighbor who harassed me about my dog barking during the day time!!!”

- Hannah

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  • Messican

    I hate barking dogs. Just because it’s daytime doesn’t let you off the hook!

  • bookratt

    We had a neighbor like this here; she leaves before 7 and does not get home until after 7, 5 days a week. Never mind that this is awful for her poor dog, and I am sorry for it, but we are suffering, too. Her dog barked probably 30 mins of each hour, every hour, every day. Took a breath and then started right up again. And if she left it home alone at night? ALL NIGHT LONG, plus howling. At least 10 neighbors on this street alone, complained repeatedly. Now, the township has decided they will cite her $100 per day for violating the noise ordinance, every day her dog barks more than 15 mins consecutively at a time, more than three times in any one given day. All we have to do is send in our phone videos, anonymously, to an email they set up just for us. They bill her. If she does not pay, they fine her more, with interest. If she still does not pay, they can have the dog removed from her care, or lien her property. Suddenly, she’s coming home to walk and let the dog out at noon/lunchtime, and also is getting it some much needed training. Yay for the dog and yay for us long-suffering neighbors!

    • Memyselfandi

      You are at home the whole day? why don’t you talk with her and offer her daycare for the dog? so he/she won’t bark all the time and both of you are happy…

  • awhiteguy

    who the hell would want a used vacuum cleaner. gross.

  • killerrabbitt

    Who cares if it is daytime…it’s f**cking annoying”. Why aren’t people with yapping dogs and/or screaming brats bothered by them themselves?

  • Dan Staufenberger

    “Iney were”! Seriously? I really hope English isn’t this persons first language. I know I’m not perfect, but if you can’t even spell the word “anywhere”, then English better not be your first language, but if it is, then you better be legitimately retarded. Well, one other thing would be acceptable, and that’s if the person who wrote this was 5. If it isn’t any of those things, then this person is SERIOUSLY stupid.

  • LooseHead


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