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  • BB

    These are all really cool and would be great neighbors to have, except for the Transformers one. What do the Transformers have to do with Halloween?

  • Mike

    The transformers are just cool, thats all.

  • Lady Anne

    It’s hard to pick a favorite! I think the blue skeleton is adorable, and really like the three dogs chasing the man. The “grounded kids” is very, very clever. And the one with all the huge spiders would send my husband screaming into the next county.


    The tall scarecrow is very scary looking.. I love the spiders on the house simple but scary.. The skeletons climbing is funny.

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  • Dan Staufenberger

    Some of these are actually not that bad. Like, number 26. 26 would actually look pretty damn good, with the right lighting, and either replacing that fake flame with a real one, or just getting rid of it all together.

  • Dan Staufenberger

    Is that Iggy Pop, in number 31? Lol

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