“Alright.. so even living close to neighbors like this is embaressing but stuff like this isn’t unusual in WV believe it or not. My buddy and I were making a trip to town to get groceries and noticed a deer hanging from this children’s swing. Now as a hunter, I can tell you this is not how you prepare a deer after you kill it – that meat has to be rancid…”

- Peter S, West Virginia


4 Comments to DEER SWING

  1. upside down ?

  2. Joey BadaBing on November 22nd, 2024
  3. There is NO way I could be PAID to live near someone like this. How horrifying!!!!!

  4. Your Guess on November 23rd, 2024
  5. I hunted lots of years and hung many deer this way. Blood drains much better toward the heart (or where it was). Also much easier to skin and cut.

  6. Jim on November 24th, 2024
  7. Oh MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Chihuahua Mom on November 24th, 2024

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