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Little scrap metal and a shack is all any man really needs.

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  • Awesome

    I bet all the residence thought that you were with the CIA taking pictures of thier next target.

  • JHaze

    You know your house is shitty when the land is worth twice as much as your house.

  • Nonono

    I feel sad seeing these. It’s clear that most, if not all, of these people are desperately poor. I am more inclined to be a good neighbor and help them out in some way rather than ridicule them. It’s very easy to come together as neighbors and help people work on the home maintenance, paint, etc. I’ve seen first hand how these small kindnesses can really lift people. Most of these folks are too overwhelmed or even ashamed at how little they have so won’t even ask for help. It takes a village.

    • Takiwiaa

      Agreed. I don’t think anyone desires to live this way. Some of these are a clear signs of depression and a complete loss of self worth. Those taking the time to hunt out these poor people, take pictures and post on the internet for others to laugh at? Sad indeed.

  • Craig

    Uncle Rukus’s house

  • Lovenia Johnson

    I’d rather live beside any of these than that pompous jerk who “wrote” this story.Anything is better than mommy’s basement and being a noballs loser.

  • HobbyFlyer

    As stated below, the writer of this story is a pompous jerk. In this country people should be able to live as, and how, they choose.

  • awhiteguy

    6,7,and 8 don’t even look that bad, but some of them people clearly live like slobs

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