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Anyone that puts a Monster sticker on their car is suspicious, but the clothes hanging from the bikes and ATV’s clears up any confusion there.

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  • Joey BadaBing

    I hear Banjo music and squealing pigs

  • lordofthegadflies

    You know a gun probably lives in all of those.

    What are the three biggest lies in rural Maine?
    1. “The trailer’s paid for.”
    2. “I didn’t know she was my cousin.”
    3. “I was just trying to help the sheep over the fence.”
    (told to me by a guy from rural Maine)

  • Nonono

    Sadly, these are common sights rural America in every state. Fewer local building codes/standards/regulations is the exact reason many of these people gravitate to small towns. Most cities would crack down on them in a heartbeat.

  • ohno

    Looks like Fair Play, Missouri. And, what Nonono said.

  • snake

    But you should see the nice new hospitals, highways, bridges, etc. we built in Afghanistan ! Go take a look- but don’t lose your head :)

  • Rebecca

    I was afraid to look at these, because I was afraid I might recognize some of them…..

  • Samantha

    And I would still rather live here than anywhere else, despite the junkyard neighbors :)

  • chris

    poor people are hilarious! let’s kick ‘em while they’re down, my fellow white middle class nobodies. you all should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • mainer101

    cant tell me how to keep my yard unless you pay the morgatge and property taxes

  • Shit Fuck McGee

    These people are fucking wastes man.

  • Leonard

    Minding ones own business and leaving other people the F alone is something you should have been taught while growing up

  • Justin Jacoby

    i’d like to live next to all of these houses, in fact i’d like them all to be in the same damn neighborhood so we could live in peace away from you snobby picket fence morons.

    • Justin Jacoby

      Lil worried bout number 6 tho, I think we’d have to get together on how to insulate his stove so he doesn’t burn his house down next winter.

  • reaganrose

    Exactly, as long as they aren’tm abusing their animals or children, who gives a crap if they have some stuff in their yard. Maybe they can’t afford to pay for a dumpster?

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