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  • jack

    Before “neighborshame” I thought the new england states were clean and pristine. Now Im beginning to think it’s quite the opposite.

    • Tom Donovan

      The northern parts of VT, NH, and ME are filled with rural poor. That trailer in the first pic with the woodstove pipe coming out of it is sadly too common. As are old school buses converted to homes. Foundations with no houses on top of them but have been capped off with families living in the basements are common too.

  • Bert

    I had this hillbilly next to me, with a smashed out POS work van (Tony’s Electric – but I won’t name you, Garry) illegally parked for years, holes in the garage door, cr@p piled on the roof like a storage space, a falling down fence, I could go on for hours… a true sh!t hole. And all around him, nice, neat, clean, houses. You can find places like this anywhere, unfortunately.

  • jimbojr

    These are showplaces compared to some I’ve seen in the rural SE US…..

  • Lawrencia

    My neighbor has trees growing on his roof, duck tape on the windows, sheit all over the lawn, torn blinds, trashed porch steps and the smell travels down the road. City has been out and geared up in bio hazard clothes to enter. For some reason they get extension after extension and it never changes. Were stuck next to it, cant sell. Did I mention they are registered sex offenders?

  • takurospirit

    I’d be happy to live next to any of these places over the neighbors I have. Though I’m not so well off and someone will probably post my house on here eventually. Garage is falling apart, dented siding, couple rotting window frames, bent chain link fence (huge ass branch flew into it during a storm and bent the top metal thingy), and there’s a deteriorating and no longer needed wheelchair ramp on the front. I’m just happy my family isn’t homeless though and fix things as we’re able.

  • MugsieDiva

    Mental note NEVER go to Vermont a whole lot of nopes right there

  • grandmabetty

    Some of these pictures are normal in farm country or just out in the country. I wouldn’t want them in a city but out the them I accept in the country. Deserted building with trash everywhere, no where should that be okay. Those are the worst.

  • Bunker

    This is SO STUPID, one of those homes is MY neighbor, Ive lived many places and have had many neighbors, NONE have been anywhere as good as them. This is very disrespectful and ignorant. I can’t speak for all but i know some of these people and they are some of the most caring, dependable, and trusting people i know.

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