Only in New Hampshire would you a see truck for sale with… some assembly required.

Route 111, Kingston, New Hampshire


  • BB

    So, in order to boast one has a photo on this site, submissions are now coming in Photoshopped? C’mon, people! This photo is poorly Photoshopped! The position of the sun and shadows is one dead giveaway.

    “I’m so cool! I faked a submission to Neighbor Shame and it was posted!”
    Yeah, you’re also the smartest kid with Downs Syndrome…

    • neighborshame

      Not photoshopped – we took this ourselves.

    • neighborshame

      Here’s another look at it from a slightly different angle and not zoomed in. As for Down Syndrome, there’s two of us that run this website and I can’t really speak for the other one so you might be right…

      • BB

        Looks like I am corrected and owe you an apology! I will gladly battle for the title of smartest person with Downs Syndrome. I do apologize!!! (You have to admit that first photo looks Photoshopped. The sun appears to be in two different positions in that one photo.)

        Excuse me now while I go and fine that crow to eat… :-)

  • Fuldermox

    So, is New Hampshire the northern home for rednecks?

  • amazed

    Appears to be a nice fixer upper.

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