We’ve shown you the worst of Porter, Maine. Believe it or not, there ARE more than just pigs that live in this town. Here’s a unique Porter home deserving of a Christmas Eve Post!

- Porter, Maine


  • JohnDavid

    are you telling us even Maine has Mexican gardeners?!? Happy birthday haysoos.

  • Jazz

    What am I missing? I don’t see anything wrong here.

  • Lyzzie

    I’m with Jazz, not seeing a problem here.

  • Snap N. McGarrett

    Lyzzi, Jazz. You have to look behind the picture to see what it’s about.

  • Julyguy76

    Came to this site hoping to see something funny… so far I am greatly disapointed.

    Christmas is the celbration and recognition of Jesus birth, whether you believe in Jesus as a Christ or purly historical figure. Apparently some have forgot and think it is actually about overspending and time off from work.

    This site is just reaching.

  • Julyguy76

    and yes I realize I forgot to run spell check on the last post…. Let the flame wars begin.

  • Jazz

    Snap N. McGarrett, I assume you’re talking about the roof(s). I see it now.

  • Hap

    Another Christian hating website? Whatever you claim to comment on in the photo, the caption implies that the “problem” here is the neatly painted sign referring to Jesus. Sure the roofing is mismatched; but it is cleanly put up. Not everyone can afford to re-roof their house. They probably had damage and needed to go with some local person using leftover materials from another job site, for cost effectiveness. Still, this place looks like the owners make a real effort to keep it looking neat. Okay – I’m outta here. People who think signs with the word “Jesus” on them qualify a neighbor as being shameful aren’t people whose blogs I want to visit….

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