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“First off, my neighbor is a single mom with 3 small kids. She is¬†always bragging like it is something to be proud of that she is on¬†every type of welfare there is and they pay for her HUD approved¬†housing. She does not work, not because she is disabled but because¬†she doesn‚Äôt want too. When she got here she had a dog who was not¬†taken care of at all and barked. But I love animals so I never¬†complained. When they began playing music at 2am I did say something¬†no cops etc just went over and nicely asked to turn it down since my¬†children were trying to sleep. Their dog disappeared and she told me¬†it was stolen because everyone wants a really old sick yappy dog who¬†bites anyone he doesn‚Äôt know. Sure, sounds legit. I just sort of¬†nodded and said oh how awful! She got a puppy because that is what¬†welfare is for making sure you get a new pet when you cannot afford to¬†feed your children. So her puppy got sick it could not poop at all and¬†she had no money to get it to the vet. Surprise surprise. You mean¬†having no money, resources, or job is a bad time to get a puppy? I¬†suggested getting care credit she said she was denied. Someone called¬†animal control and she was fined, the dog had been whining for days¬†outside it wasn‚Äôt me although I should have! The dog died. Now she¬†blames me for the animal control call and if my dog barks for more¬†than 5 minutes she flips out screams at me and threatens me, (all the¬†while muttering she is getting another dog soon). Yesterday she came¬†over screaming again and this time I yelled back, when she yelled¬†animal control I told her to go ahead I will call Children Services,¬†(her year old is outside by himself in a diaper and a tee shirt mom‚Äôs¬†inside and he‚Äôs in the street. She said my kids walk to school ALONE¬†um yeah lol they are 13 and 8, (the 13 year old walks his brother 2¬†blocks to school and grabs the school bus to the middle school from¬†there). She said my house was messy. Um…. I have curtains and she¬†has never been in my home. LOL She said get away from her property she¬†would call the cops. I was standing in MY yard ROFL. I told her go¬†ahead I am in MY YARD, BEHIND MY FENCE, and I dared her to do it. She¬†stormed off into her house. Anyway, I am sure my neighbor from hell,¬†being so responsible, will get another dog. Hopefully this one runs¬†for the hills like the first one probably did.” - Alberta Crans

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