“The neighbors we have SUCK. Someone in the neighborhood called Animal Control because they don’t know how to use leashes on their dogs. Now they are seeking revenge on EVERYONE by calling Animal Control on them. Since we all use leashes, I thought we were safe. NOT! Apparently there is a little known rule that says your dog must be on a 10 FOOT LEASH or you can be charged with dogs at large…so that’s what they’ve reported people for! I just got a $100 ticket this morning, because my leash is longer than 10 ft. (I didn’t know there was such a rule!) No warning, just the ticket. They’ve also stolen things from neighbors – and that is just scratching the surface.
How about her flipping off my video camera last night? (The one I had to put up solely because of her and her husband.)” -Anonymous 
-Centennial, CO 

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